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69 Hydes Creek Road Bellingen - Eco hamlet
69 Hydes Creek Road Bellingen
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Eco Hamlet - 69 Hydes Creek Road Bellingen
  • Community title development
  • Four freehold lots
  • Minium one hectare per lot
  • 2.5 kilometres from Bellingen township
  • Eco hamlet with sustainable living principles including passive solar design, solar power, organic food production, effluent disposal
  • Communal private road
  • A policy of no cats or dogs
  • A shared tractor for maintaining individual properties.

Our Community Title Development is situated on the north side of town, two and a half kilometres  from Bellingen township, and is an easy half hour walk or ten minute bike ride into town. Zoned large lot residential, it comprises four freehold lots, of one hectare minimum, accessed by a communal private road.

This will be an eco hamlet with sustainable living principles at its foundation which are embodied within the management plan. The aim is to encourage independent living whilst sharing sustainable values within a supportive framework.

Features will include:

  • Land owners to build passive solar design houses with natural building materials encouraged.
  • In order to minimise the use of fossil fuels and the use of power generally as a more sustainable way of living, power supplied from the grid is to be limited to a back up role only. To achieve this aim homes will be solar powered by a minimum three kilowatt hybrid solar power system. (ie. A stand alone system with battery storage backed up by the grid instead of a generator). This will provide ample power for simple living with an opportunity to feed excess power back into the grid.
  • Organic food production and gardening on individual lots with a potential for communal gardening and produce sharing if desired.
  • A  policy of no cats or dogs to minimise disruption to wildlife and neighbours.
  • A shared tractor for maintaining individual properties.
  • Effluent disposal via reed bed systems if flush toilets are desired with other environmentally friendly options such as composting toilets encouraged.

This is a community title development designed to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Independence and personal freedom is respected whilst still bringing lots of opportunity for sharing of resources, skills and knowledge within a supportive, neighbourly environment. 

For further details please contact John or Devi on 02 6655 2527.

View a Google satellite map of the property.

Price: $280,000 - $300,000AUD per lot

Contact:  John or Devi on 6655 2527

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